The term sutukil is a humorous derivation from three Cebuano words: sugba, tuwa, kilaw -- which are three ways of preparing food, particularly seafood like fish. If we talk about fish, sugba means to broil fish over hot charcoal; tuwa means to cook fish in boiling water together with some spices and seasoning; kilaw means to prepare fish raw but immersing it in very sour vinegar together with spices like onions, garlic and pepper.

Eating places that offer seafood in these three various ways are called sutukil restaurants or carenderias. In Lapulapu City, the most famous place for treating friends to sutukil is the barangay (village) of Mactan (same name as the island), near the boundary of another village, Punta Engaño. The sutukil restaurants in barangay Mactan are just across the memorial circle containing the Magellan shrine and the monument of Lapulapu.

People from all over Metro Cebu and a number of foreign tourists are frequently seen in this place to enjoy the rich variety of seafood available in over a dozen sutukil restaurants clustered here.