Mini-saving tactics for Young Professionals


They call it swipe. Some holiday shopping, buying new gadgets, a few nice restaurant dines and a goodie-summer escapades and vacations ( ug daghan pa! ) will rack up the credit card debt quickly. Item sales encourages pinoys ( specially young Cebuanos ) to draw their shiny tiny rectangle badges called credit cards, swipe it and after a month an additional not-good-to-look-at-amount stacked the list of the previous bills. and to those who are not cardholders, a group of unhelpful credit card agents are aiming at you. You guys should be careful, especially those who are working at BPO's like call centers for these card agents lure outside your offices ( i could sense some looking for prospects near I1 building at IT Park lahug ). And to those with these shiny badges, we are not aware of our payment habit that sometimes we are just paying only to prolong the utang not actually putting an end to it. Paying only the minimum actually increases its interest ( i think..sensya na peoples coz i ain't good at computations regarding payment-interest-payments, peace! ). Solution? Pay bills on time ( pasubrahe sad ang payment sa minimum ). Use cash instead of flashing your swipes. Best is don't spend too much! Discipline would best fix this problem. Some young professionals tend to spend too much that at the end of the day, they (including me, you reader and uban pa!) spend too much even greater than their daily income. We need to work this out or else we'll end up BROKE!