Pilipinas Rice Shortage


This morning, while eating breakfast, i couldn't imagine what would Cebu be next year or ten years from now. Aside from the traffic which bugs me during my travel from home to office, theres this Rice Scarcity problem almost every mother is aware of ( since sila man ang mag cge ug ingun ayaw usiki ang kan-on ky mahal na ang rice ). I couldn't count how many Cebuano's ( or Filipinos ) are suffering on this one, but im pretty sure lots dont have enough rice to cook in their kaldero's. Ngano nihit man ang rice karun? Ive read a blog regarding how Japan pursues farming. I'm really quite impressed how a super-techie-cool-rich country still values farming. Inside an unused bank vault under one of Tokyo's busiest bank districts is a square kilometer of subterranean farm growing rice and providing part-time jobs to dozens of jobless youth who'd rather be farming part-time than working for a big company that will own them forever. See!, grabe ka payter ang mga Hapon! They called the facility Pasona O2, built as a training facility for kids who might want to consider agriculture as a career alternative. Cebuano's what do you think? Lots of abandoned sites nga niturok sa Cebu provinces (even at city proper) are good sites for farming. But ang Cebu ky mura na man ug factory ug nurses gud, tsk tsk tsk. Universities too don't invest much on agriculture stuffs, mas nahan silag mag mass production ug mga nurses. Come on Cebu, come to think of it! Ay ayaw lang diay ug think, do something about it!