Smoking in public already banned in Manila, How about here in Cebu?

Last May 30, 2011 , Metro Manila started their campaign to ban smoking in public places. Smoking cigarettes in major and secondary roads, waiting sheds, terminals, schools, recreational places, hospital and inside public utility vehicles is already prohibited.

A sweet-500 pesos will be charged to violators or they can opt to render an eight-hour community service.

Now, can we implement the same here in Cebu?

Cebuanos, let us call a ban on smoking in public places. And hopefully not just a mere "ban" but an actual implementation. There should be heavy fines if someone will be caught smoking in public places.

Tingog fellow Cebuanos.

Osmeña Peak ranked most number of delegates in the June 12 Freedom Climb

An attempt to help the Philippines hit the Guinness World Record was conducted last June 12, 2011, with almost 9,000 local climbers joining.

Osmeña Peak is located in Mantalongon, Dalaguete in the province of Cebu. The mointain is formed by several uniquely formed peaks. It is Cebu's highest peak and was named after the Osmena family.

Along with Osmeña Peak, three other destinations in Cebu were trooped by local climbers, Mt. Babag and Mt. Manunggal.

The entries from Cebu alone were enough to break the record currently held by the United Kingdom and Ireland of 600 climbers scaling 112 mountains. Cebu had 946 climbers who trooped to Osmeña Peak, Mt. Babag and Mt. Manunggal.

Among the three climbing destinations in Cebu, Osmeña Peak ranked the most number of delegates.

more can be found here.

Noynoy on RH Bill

The president of the Philippines Noynoy Aquino says he is ready to face excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church for advocating free access to condoms. Boxing champion Manny Pacquaio says he is the best example of why birth control should never be allowed. It's about time that President Aquino should wake up and finally stand-up (against church). The President or the Filipino people shouldn't be kowtowing to the Church. It's about time he needs to put the team on his back. The country is his first priority, to take care of the Filipino people. This is a big step now that he's accepting that condom use has a huge impact on disease control, family planning and women's rights. All developing countries like the Philippines should take a stronger stance on issues such as this.

The Reproductive Health Bill probably has not been seen and digested by lots of Filipinos but this is probably one of the most important pieces of legislature in the country's history. Birth control has proven to be the most effective way ever of getting people and communities out of poverty (at least), and knowing we are living in an extremely poor country, certainly this is one of the best solution.

We're dealing with an exploding population, higher population means a bigger burden on resources. We are getting poorer. Now the question is, are the church poor too?

Time for a responsible government that doesn't let its people suffer and starve just so that a popular religion can have its way in forcing their antiquated notions (and consequences thereof) on everyone else.

I hate to say this, but sometimes the church acts like a manipulator machine! The Church has way too much influence in the Philippines especially the government. Finally someone is trying to take it down.

Here's the official translated quote from :

"I am aware there are those who oppose this. But it is my duty as our country’s leader to reach out to all sectors, to talk to them and calmly discuss the issue at hand—even if there are those who have said that I should be excommunicated. We must listen even to those who, as some point out, come close-minded to the discussion. Ultimately, I need to make a stand. I need to follow my conscience, and I need to do what is right."

Cebuano Made it to Top 10 of 2010 Bar Exam

Glenn Carampatana, a 26-year old Cebuano, made it to the top 10 of the 2010 Bar examinations. Bar is an examination conducted to determine whether a candidate is qualified to practice law. The University of San Carlos graduate says he read books for 13 hours a day to review for the Bar exams. Carampatana got a grade of 84.55 percent in the bar exams

More can be found here.


Crazy as it may seem, but a barangay tanod shot a Cebuano actor while filming an indie film. Actor Kirk Abella, dressed as a gunman, was shot dead by a certain tanod in Barangay Parian. The movie is title "Going Somewhere" and indeed, poor Kirk did went somewhere - his grave.

More of the news can be found here -- TANOD SHOOTS ACTOR DEAD

Cebu Guitar Festival 2010 Photo Contest


  • This photography contest is open to hobbyists, serious hobbyists and professional photographers.

  • Official Entry forms are available at The Outpost in Lahug from 6pm to 2am, Tuesdays to Sundays.

  • Registration fee is ONE HUNDRED FIFTY (P150) per registrant. This covers THREE (3) entries per category. An additional TWENTY pesos (P20) will be charged for every additional photo per category.

  • Photo Contest Categories:

      “Sista” – any image of Cebu’s famous guitar (whether by itself, while it is being made, on display, as a souvenir, with or without a human subject, while being used/tuned, in a band or alone, etc.) The image should showcase the guitar as the main subject.

    • Deadline for entries for “Sista” category will be on November 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm at The Outpost

    • Stock photos are allowed.

    • Entries are to be submitted as an 8”x10” printed photo, with or without borders, together with the corresponding RAW file in CD/DVD format with the name of the photographer on the CD/DVD and envelope.

    • Entries should bear the number of the photographer and the orientation of the photo at the back of the entry

    • Identifying marks (e.g. watermarks, initials, etc) that in any way identifies ownership are prohibited on the photo entry.

    • Post processing in “Sista” category is limited to only basic, global, post-processing actions for contrast, levels, color, sharpening and cropping. Adding or removing of objects within the frame is prohibited. Composite pictures will be disqualified.

      “Ang Gitarista ug ang Sista” – This is an On-the-Spot photo contest of the live performances of Cebu’s guitarists performing at the Outpost during the “Cebu Guitarfest” which happens on November 6 – 26, 2010.

    • The image should capture:
      -any of the featured guitarists while performing onstage
      -any guitarist AND his guitar offstage
      -any roadie/assistant AND the guitar while preparing for the set
      -any roadie/assistance AND the guitar on the way to the stage, etc.

    • All entries should be candid and unposed.

    • Images captured (JPEG) are to be submitted for uploading straight from the camera on the same night the photo was taken.

    • Images should be uploaded in the Cebu Guitarfest photo contest station. Entries will be accepted from 10 pm to 12 midnight.

    • No post processing is permitted for “Ang Gitarista ug ang Sista” category.

  • Awarding of Prizes to Winners will be on November 27, 2010 at the Outpost.

  • Decision of the designated Board of Judges shall be final and unappealable.

  • The photographer understands that photos submitted to this contest may be used by The Outpost and the organizers of the Cebu Guitar Festival. By submitting the photograph for entry into the competition, The photographer will retain his copyright and hereby grant the Outpost and the organizers of the Cebu Guitar Festival a royalty-free, non-assignable, worldwide, non-exclusive license to use the photo image in any of The Outpost initiated promotion/s. In addition, photos and CDs/DVD’s submitted will not be returned. Photo credits will be given whenever applicable.

“Sista” and “Ang Gitarista ug ang Sista”:
1st place – P5,000
2nd Place - 3,000
3rd Place- 1,000
Finalists (4th to 30th) will receive certificates.



Thank God, Typhoon Juan didnt hit Cebu. Accoridng to news, it did killed 9 in Pangasinan while Isabela is in state of calamity. Now its heading in China. Thank God Cebu is safe from that super typhoon.

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