Daily Annoyances with PUJs


Ever experience a very rude "konduktor" among public jeepneys? Some of these so-called "driver assistants" ( locally called konduktor, yaw nalang mo palag if i tagged them as driver assistants ) doesnt treat passengers as their very customers. They keep on calling additional passengers even if the loading capacity of the jeepney is already full. Some even would forced us to compressed not thinking what agony the heat plus the traffic brings to their passengers. Scenarios like these even encourages pickpocketers to take advantage over our belongings. Apart from these two miseries, there are also some passengers that would really insists riding even if only half of their butts were able to seat. Then comes the driver thats so much in a hurry that you might notice they already stepped on gas even if the passenger hasnt taken his/her seat yet. Sometimes these drivers that think every five-step-distant of each road is a jeepney stop. Too buggy when you're in a hurry and following a fully loaded jeepney suddenly stops without even giving signals. So dont be amazed if your driving from highway to P.del Rosario when sometimes youll get scratched when your near Cebu City South Bus Terminal.

But still we are thankful to these hardworking individuals that they are still providing us transpo needs despite the too hot or too cold weather and with the tight competitions among themselves. To those good drivers and konduktors, i salute you! To those that were not so goodie, uhm salamats sad..hahaha...