The Danggit

It is a salted dried fish that is best paired with hot rice and dipped in vinegar. Others prefer a mixture of vinegar and crushed chili peppers with a dash of salt. Others might want to add a little bit more of spices to enhance the flavor. Onions, garlics, ginger are some of the favorites. However it is done, the tastiness of danggit is magnified ten times when there's vinegar around. But with or without it, people still find them a very tasty treat for any meal at any time of day and at any physical condition - that is to say, whether one is hungry or not.

Dubbed as a poor man's food like any other types of dried fish, rich and poor alike love to eat this typical Cebuano delicacy. For the ultimate danggit experience, eat with your bare hands. Eating in bare hands is a Filipino way of showing humility. But setting humility aside, spoon and fork provides little assistance when eating danggit. If at all, it only makes the eating experience difficult. Setting aside man-made utensils is setting aside everything else just to enjoy a good meal of a bunch of good ol' danggit.

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Amy Cynthia said...

In our language we call it 'Kinoing' or 'Ikan Masin' (salted fish). Best to eat it with just plain hot white rice...gosh im drooling already..hehehehe

Note: Ikan = Fish
Masin = Salty