Pacquiao for VP in 2010


I doubt if Manny fits for the position, a VP? come'on. I doubt have any problem with Manny running for a position in the Government, but being next to the President is a big NO for me. If he'll run for a mayor in his hometown, that would work.

from PhilStar news:

In a radio interview, Dante Jimenez, chairman of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), said the Filipino ring icon is most fit to hold the second highest public office in the country.

Jimenez said that with his high charisma and good values, Pacquiao is best suited to be vice president.

"He will be a very good vice president. Why would he still engage in corruption if he already has lots of money?" the VACC chief added.

With his enormous popularity among the Filipinos, Jimenez said Pacquiao does not need to spend too much money to fund his candidacy as the people themselves will volunteer to organize sorties for him.

if ever he'll go for this seat and wins, well -- only God knows.