Manny Pacquiao, Pambansang Kamao


November 14, 2009 is fast approaching and being a fellow Filipino i could hear talks about Manny and how he will beat Cotto. Well, if he'll beat the Puerto Rican boxer will this change our country? I guess yes. I'll be expecting a huge change. Politicians will flock beside Pacquiao, interviews here and there, "i men uh..ya' no..". Change in faces of opposing political party both sitting beside Pacquiao.>Its so sad to see how our country loves Pacquiao so much that we even forget issues within the beloved Philippines.

Pambansang Kamao

Peoples Champ

world's number 1 pound for pound fighter

one of the 100 most influencial people by time magazine - indeed. no wonder why politicians flocks at Manny

ambassador of peace and understanding as President Gloria said -- what does this mean?

appointed as special assistant of the justice secretary on intelligence matters -- whats wrong with the "Department of Justice"?

whats next? pambansang politiko? Think.


Michael Ian said...

can't wait!

bisaya said...

cant wait for the Election? hehehe.. yup, i guess everyone's excited for the event

Audrey said...

yep.facing boxing opponent is different from facing government issues. i have nothing against Pacman. but i think he would be much respected if he remains a boxing legend rather than enter political arena and become a puppet.

bisaya said...

a clown i would say once he'll enter politics..