Pablo Garcia, Give One Good Reason Why You're Opposing the Automated Poll Election


Too bad, the person heading the Opposed Poll Automation is a fellow Cebuano - no other than Deputy House Speaker Pablo Garcia (Cebu, 2nd district). It really bothers me (personally) whats the very good reason to oppose the automated voting system. They didn't make the move while the poll automation agenda was still in the making. Isn't this a very eleventh hour to do such nuisance (Mayo na gud ang election nya karun pa sila nag oppose2x)? Tikas na sad ni siguro? paita..

Source: Lawmakers: Poll automation ‘illegal’




1. Hadlok sila mapilde sa karon nga automated election na gyud atong gamiton karong umaabot election day.

bisaya said...

lage libug au nganong karung elventh hour pa sila ga buhat ani na move..maypa kato earlier pa alng unta..naa jud dakong agenda ani ba